Ultra Supreme Lounger Style Pet Bed




  • Inventory Clearance. Save 25% while Stocks LAST. PLEASE ENSURE That Your Item Is Being SOLD by LOVING CARE PET PRODUCTS and FULFILLED by AMAZON to ensure our Genuine Product, Guarantees and Customer Service. WE DONATE A PORTION OF OUR SALES AS WELL AS PRODUCTS.
  •   Same quality materials as our Ultra Supreme Nesting Beds. GIVE YOUR PET THE QUALITY AND COMFORT THEY DESERVE. All Soft Completely separates. Each component is Machine Washer and Dryer Safe. Zippered Compartments.
  • The only Lounger that completely separates for ease in care and washing. One side is Warm and Plush Cozy Microfiber, the other side is Durable, Cool, Easy-care, Wipe-off , HEAVY DUTY Polyester coated with a waterproofing agent. The walls of our Lounger are approximately 6 inches thick. PLEASE REVIEW OUR SIZING CHART FOR INTERIOR DIMENSIONS BEFORE MAKING A PURCHASE. Thank you
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USE. Superior Durable materials, Water, Urine and Oil resistant with Removable/Reversible Pillow. Soft Microfibre on one side and a coated Durable Polyester on the reverse for your pet’s comfort and functional durability. Strong Materials on bottom of bed. The multiple separate “zones” in our Lounger prevent clumping of materials when being washed. The Entire bed, the Cover or Each Component can be washed individually. Front loading washer recommended
  • Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme LOUNGER Style Pet Bed. Our Unique Lounger Pet Beds are FULLY Machine Washer and dryer safe, Water, Urine and Oil Resistant, Stylish and Durable with a Reinforced Bottom and Removable/Reversible Pillow. Removable zip-off cover. Soft Microfibre and Durable Polyester. 4 pillows insert into the cover. Each section can be washed separately. PET, DOG, CAT, PUPPY, KITTEN beds. Non-Allergenic Materials. We donate part sales and product to Animal Charities

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