Loving Care Pet Products Ultra Supreme DeShedding, Grooming and Flea Maintenance Tool


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  • Our Product is made to the Highest Quality. Meets or Exceeds Leading Brand Name Product for LESS! Our Pet De-Shedding Tool removes up to 90% of loose pet hair with only 10-15 minutes use per day. Daily usage can keep your pet’s hair from turning into painful mattes. May help allergy, asthma and COPD sufferers by removing loose hair before it leaves your pet’s coats and enters your environment. Use of product helps to increase household hygiene and cleanliness levels.
  • Our Ultra Supreme Deshedding,  Grooming and Flea MaintenanceTool is Suitable For Use with most Cats, Dogs and Rabbits of most sizes, Breeds And Hair Type. We have 2 Long Hair Dogs, 2 Long Hair cats, a Medium Haired Dog, a medium hair cat and a short-haired cat and this tool works well with all 7!  
  • Your pet’s health is very important to us. Please do not use the comb directly on your pet’s skin. Use the deshedding tool on the top layer of your pet’s coat as this is the area that is loose. By using this product everyday, you will remove loose hair without hurting your pet.  (We do not recommend this tool for curly or wired haired dogs)
  • Non-Allergenic Materials and Sleek Ergonomic design. Handle provides comfort for you while grooming your pet. 9/10 people agree our handle is more comfortable than leading name brand.
  • Strong durable design 5 7/8 inches long.  Unbreakable (with normal use) Comfort Handle with massaging grip pads and 3 7/8″ Stainless Steel Comb with Cover (The cover is at the bottom of the packaging)
  • Our Tool works awesome on fabric coats and on hardwearing carpet, especially on tough to remove pet hair from vehicle carpeting or cat hut/towers (see our video). We recommend purchasing a second tool for use on carpet only.
  • Always clean product between uses and pets. Easy to clean. We recommend using a cloth dampened with vinegar to wipe down handle and comb tines.




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