Shop With Confidence: Sales & Pricing

Do you want to know about our Our policy on Slashing Prices?

Quite frankly, we don’t do it.

We have chosen not to participate in corporation inspired price slashing on designated days each year. We do this out of respect and recognition to our loyal customers who purchase our products throughout the year.

From time to time, we may lower our pricing on one or two items, but we never slash our prices. Our customers can always feel confident knowing that if you buy from us on Amazon, and you see our price on our product lower within 15 days of your purchase date, you can contact us through your Amazon Order number to request and receive a price match. We will then credit your account the difference.

We love our customers and their pets and want you to enjoy the holiday season as well as January, February, March… etc.

Please don’t go into unmanageable debt to buy our products. If someone offers to lend you money to buy presents, be very cautious.

Remember “if it seems to good too be true, it often is”

All the best of the Holiday Season to you and your Pets


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