Our Policy on Drastic Sale’s Prices

We Love our Customers and their Pets

and give respect and appreciation to those who have supported us throughout the previous years

by purchasing our products at regular prices.

So, in continued appreciation and respect for our Customers,

it is our policy NOT to offer any “Drastic Holiday Season Sales Pricing” on

“Large Corporation Designated Selling Frenzy Days”

You may see slight reductions from time to time on specific items

and we urge you to grab those prices whenever you see them!

Due to increased sales in September and October…. Thank you, Thank you!

We also have limited quantities in some sizes and colours of our products to

last through the Holiday Season.

Our prices therefore will remain relatively the same

during the Holiday and Post-Holiday Season.

We appreciate your custom and we wish you and your pets

a world of Health, Joy & Happiness

over the coming months



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