Ashley Nesting Bed Canadian Flag

Every day we receive emails or phone calls asking

“Where can we buy your products in Canada”? 

We are going to start shipping direct to our Customers in Canada.

To begin with, we will only be shipping our Small and Medium sized Nesting Beds

The prices are as follows:

Small Nesting Beds — $49.99  CDN

Medium Nesting Beds — $59.99 CDN

Shipping & Handling is extra (which will depend on your Postal Code)*

Our next shipping dates are March 16th and March 30th, 2018

Payments accepted by:

E-Transfer (Within Canada)

Paypal (4% surcharge applies)

Square Manual Entry (5% surcharge applies for Square payments)

Until we have our website updated, please contact us directly to ask about availability, shipping charges or to order a Small or Medium Nesting Style Pet Bed.

Thank you for your patience while we get this set up.

*All return charges will be at the customer’s expense, refunds sent once product is returned (undamaged) to our warehouse.



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