Lyra Says: “Come on, when are you getting more stock?”

Lyra on XL Red Lounger

Sorry that we are running low on stock at Amazon in the UK again… but thanks for the GREAT sales. Who knew that Pet Beds would fly off the shelves as Valentine’s Prezzies?

We should have more stock at our Amazon Storefront by Wednesday February 21, 2018.

We ARE SO PROUD to have such a loyal customer base.  Did you know that every 10th new order on Amazon is a Repeat Customer buying for another pet, another room in their home/office or for a friend or loved one?

Did you also know that we offer a “Repeat Customer Discount” if you buy from us again in the future. (Not available for “Drop-Shippers”)

Please contact us through your Amazon order to receive our “RCD”.

As always contact us through here or through the “Contact the Seller” link on Amazon should you have any questions or concerns.


Anita and Family



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