We are leaving the USA…..

Loving Care Pet Products is sad to announce that we will be removing all our products from Amazon.com in the USA by February, 2018.

Our products sell for varying prices on Amazon.com. What our customers don’t know is if we sell a bed for $100 USD on Amazon.com, Amazon is currently taking 52% of that price on our large beds.  We have been notified that this cost will be increasing again on February 18, 2018. When we first started with Amazon.com, the fees were approximately 25%.  Unfortunately, their continual increases have reached a pinnacle for us.

In addition to these costs we also pay Amazon Monthly Storage Fees, Fees to place our goods in warehouses close to where our products are (for example $1200 USD to put 318 beds in one warehouse), Labeling Fees and Advertising Fees.

None of this puts into consideration our original costs of purchasing our high quality fabrics, creating and manufacturing our product, shipping, warehousing, fees, duties and taxes etc.

We cannot continue to sell our superior products at our current prices.

We considered increasing our prices, however customers would only think that we have priced ourselves too high (unaware of the costs of selling on Amazon.com) and Amazon’s portion would still be over 52% of whatever we sell our larger items for.

Loving Care Pet Products continues to have a fantastic relationship with Amazon.co.uk (where Amazon’s charges have remained below 30%) and we will be focusing much of our energies in the UK, Ireland and the European Union. 

We will also be looking into selling via retail Pet Stores in Canada and establishing our own on-line sales during 2018.

For the time being, we have very limited stock on Amazon.com which will be available until it is sold out.

To our USA Amazon Customers, thank you for your support since 2014 and we hope to see you again.

We wish you LOVING times with your family and pets now, and in the future always.

LCPP logo without background February 10, 2016






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